Ford Credit coach financing for self-employed people. ¡Compruébalo!


We certainly know a little about Ford, being one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Its history is long in the market, having started in 1903 and, later, diversifying its services to create FORD CREDIT, an option for financial services within the same company. Today, in a specific way, we will talk about this addressing the solutions offered, with the exclusivity of financing for self-employed workers and how to obtain it. Are you curious and want to take advantage of this incredible offer? Then pay attention to the continuation and consult all the information.

Financiación de coches Ford Credit para autónomos. ¡Compruébalo!
Ford Credit Fund Financing: ChatGPT

Conozca Ford Credit

As you have mentioned, FORD CREDIT It is part of the Ford Motor company, but as a sector responsible for offering financial solutions for those who want to buy vehicle products, both new and used, whether for individuals, self-employed people or companies.

With the option of financing your new car, you will obtain a financial product that will adapt to your needs and extend your payment over a long period of time to make it more convenient for your pocket, so the customer can have much greater accessibility and, consequently, increased mobility.

The best of all is that this service FORD CREDIT operates in several countries around the world, having also reached the territories of Latin America.


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Check out these Ford Credit financing options

Through Ford's institutional website, on the eyelash of FORD CREDIT For self-employed people, we see several options for vehicle financing. We will talk about each of them in a general way below:

  • Firstly, we see the FORD MULTIOPTION LEASING option: this is, in fact, a vehicle rental option with the right to purchase at the end of the period. You may have heard of options like this. The fees are monthly and the value depends on the price of the chosen Ford vehicle; You also need to make a deposit, of course. At the end of the rental contract, you will pay a residual fee with a value greater than the total amount already paid. By choosing this option, you will receive tax benefits, you can choose the closing of your invoice and also the exemption of formalization tasks;
  • FORD MULTIOPTION: with this Ford Credit option you can change your car after a few years and keep repeating this. When taking out this credit option, at the end of the financing you can change the car, which you can return to the company. In this way, we found that this is the safest, most comfortable and flexible option to purchase your new car;
  • FORD RENTING: this option does not exactly fit with financing, it is a rental without the option to purchase. However, throughout the contract the price is fixed, and you obtain all services guaranteed for the perfect condition of your car.
  • FORD LEASING: financial leasing option with the possibility of making the purchase at the end of the contract. With monthly fees that will depend on the car chosen and other factors. At the end of the period you can either pay the residual value or return it and have no additional expenses;
  • FORD FINANCING: pay attention to this option! This is a real purchase option that, at the end of the contract, your vehicle will be paid for. From the beginning of the contract, the car is legally yours, so you continue to pay off the credit product.

There are still more options, but we can decide that these are the main ones.

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Finally, here's how to get this Ford Credit loan

About the most specific details about the mentioned financial products FORD CREDIT, the institutional website itself recommends contacting Ford itself through the channels that it itself offers, so that the interested party can clear up all their doubts about what is necessary to obtain the loan, as well as the documents to gather and the process to follow to get to hiring.

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