Understand in detail the concept and advantages of the enel invoice, and how to request a duplicate.


Enel Brasil is one of the private electricity supply companies that operates in some states in the country. Its number of customers is vast and through its services they are able to use devices that require this energy. Each month, within a certain established period, these people receive a document called ENEL INVOICE which contains some information and amounts to be paid for the use of its services. This is exactly what we will detail below. Find out more about this aforementioned document, the advantages, payment methods and other peculiar information in our content today. Follow and check all this through the paragraphs described below.

Entenda com detalhes o conceito e as vantagens da fatura da enel, e como solicitar sua segunda via.
Enel invoice Source: Copilot

More detailed information about the Enel Invoice 

As previously stated, Enel is a Brazilian electricity supply company. It is active in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Ceará. When consuming your “product” monthly, the customer will have an amount to be paid during a certain period of each month and this amount is detailed in the ENEL INVOICE, a document with all related information, due date, tariff values, taxes, discounts, etc. Access to this document has some advantages and you can analyze these in more detail below.

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It is possible to obtain your Enel invoice online! Check out the advantages of this

The advantages of getting yours ENEL INVOICE, more specifically online, is the convenience and speed of the process. Firstly, you need to register on the company portal with your personal data and your energy bill details, then log in and check your panel where the invoices will be, click on the invoice you want to view and choose the most convenient payment method (this can be by debiting the account, via internet banking, via the app or credit card), after making your choice, just make the payment, soon after the invoice will automatically be seen as paid within the system from the company. However, in some cases it may be necessary to request a duplicate to carry out this process, and this is a subject that has generated doubts and given something to talk about among Enel's customers. See below.


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How to request a duplicate 

Previously you checked how to view your ENEL INVOICE. Now, however, we will see how to request your duplicate through a detailed step-by-step guide. Let's see:

  • The first step concerns accessing the company's official website;
  • When accessing the website, look for the online services and duplicate option in the main menu;
  • Once the second copy option is selected, enter some required information;
  • Confirm the data entered carefully and follow the procedure;
  • Next you will be redirected to the page to view and download your duplicate of the ENEL INVOICE;
  • Now just print and make the payment;

Finally, having checked the step-by-step instructions presented, some recommendations are still necessary to avoid possible problems with your invoices: always be aware of the veracity of the information, always check the amounts charged and see if they are really fair, check if there are any unexpected charges or undue, and furthermore, if you have any doubts, please contact Enel for any clarifications. It is also through this contact that any error identified will be duly resolved, in this way it is possible to establish a fair relationship with the company whose service is of such importance to the society in which it operates. 

If you do not live in the states mentioned, your electricity supply company must be another company. In Brazil there are numerous players, for example Visa Energia, Equinor Brasil, Madeira Energia and much more. Surely you already know yours. Therefore, for detailed information such as that presented previously, stay tuned to the content and access the website of the supplier institution itself. The process is super easy and these platforms usually have a very intuitive interface for navigation.

Access the official Enel Brasil website

You will be redirected to the official website 

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